noun_51630The Committee on Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities was created by the Inria CEO on January 19th, 2015. This committee ensures that the gender and equal opportunities dimensions are taken into account in all of Inria activities, in accordance with the Act of July 22 2013 and with the Agreement on professional equality between men and women in the public service. The Inria CEO may consult the Committee on any subject that is relevant to issues of gender equality and equal opportunities within the institute. The Committee may itself take the initiative to seize upon any question or problem related to its authority and elaborate proposals for dealing with it. Any concerns or suggestions on equal opportunities issues within the institute should be directed to the Committee.  The Committee members are organised into working groups. Each Inria employee may join any of these groups as an associate member. On this website you may find  information about the committee activities as well as related links.

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